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Travel lifestyle forms a large part of my workload and hopefully you can see I enjoy it massively!  This area probably takes the most pre production of any of the genres I work in so allot of time is spent in planning.  I like to work alongside creatives with brainstorming initially, planning out the type of hero shots desired and how they would be used.

I get involved with many brand relaunches for travel and leisure companies. Identifying a new, fresh direction for a brand and working with the creatives to design their image libraries.  This is especially true when we see the images and videos appearing in the media and, most importantly, see the resulting sales from the collaboration.  This is hugely rewarding!

how we do what we do

Once we have identified the part of the world we will be working in the team get involved and help out with flights, logistics and booking the crew required. If possible, a recce to identify the locations to shoot in is carried out, usually with the client. This saves time (and model costs) driving round looking for locations on the actual shoot when we want to be shooting. A local fixer can come in handy here too. I will then put together a document detailing all the scenarios and locations with recce shots to refer to.

Model selection takes time! I will build up a shortlist from a range of agencies I have built up working relationships with over the years. Many know how I work so have a good idea of the types of models I like to work with to get great results. (I also work with street cast talent as well so can work with anyone!) We will then have a casting with the clients present to pick out the best options, taking sample shots to refer back to later. The team will continue with logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly on the shoot.

How much will it cost?

We are very competitive! I’m happy to work with your budgets to tailor a shoot that fits requirements. Using our contacts (and a few favours) means we can get costs down but not compromise one little bit on quality.

To get a quick price, send us a message or give us a call and we can discuss the details of your shoot and what equipment you will need to provide you with a break down of the costs involved.

You can call, email or message and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Film & stills

Want some moving image too? We will provide you with film and stills at the same shoot. Great for behind the scenes production shots for social media.

A breeze to work with

I like my clients to consider me and the team as valuable members of their crew. I strive to help out in any way I can throughout the production and always with a smile!

Years of experienced

Over 45 years of combined photographic and video experience working with clients from numerous industries means we can adapt to your creative needs with ease

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I've worked with Pete on many productions, most recently on my shoots as DOP for the celebrity M&S taste testing series. Pete has the ability to get all the shots he needs while keeping out of the way of the production. He often manages to shoot those split second moments during filming that capture the essence of the shoot and look great alongside the final edit. On top of that he always mucks in to help the production. Highly recommended, you will be pleased you have him as part of the crew.

Mark MoreveDOP