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I have always liked working on film sets and love the camaraderie of a video shoot. From my early jobs working on cookery and sports DVD’s to the more recent M&S celebrities or lifestyle leisure TVC’s shown here, I pride myself on the ability to get the shot in very small timeframes, sometimes just a few seconds in between takes. Its important not to be seen but to get the shots required and as a director myself I understand this all too well.

Your production requires allot of work to produce the perfect scene with the set, lighting and talent coming together for the best shots. Capturing these scenes to market the production is my specialisation, whether action stills caught while filming or publicity shots set up between takes.

I aim to supply a service that provides exactly whats required. My own production / director experience in building shots up from all the key elements (concept, story, set, lighting, talent, action) means I know how to capture moments that tell the story.

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Yes. I use specialist silent equipment to allow me to shoot during filming while recording sound. This enables me to catch all the action as it happens rather than trying to re enact the scene between takes. This means the action matches that on film and also keeps the actors and actresses happy!

Having me on set allows all those captured moments during the day to be committed to film to be used for social media,  PR and marketing purposes.

I work on a daily rate which is very competitive and if you have a budget to work to I’ll happily tailor a shoot around it.

I understand that there isn’t always a budget for stills on every day of filming so I’m happy to work with you to pinpoint which days will give the best results. If shooting for more than 2 days a 10% discount is applied.

To get a quick price, send us a message or give us a call and we can discuss the details of your shoot to provide you with a break down of the costs involved.

Increasingly social media is being used to market a production and I understand there will be times where you might want the images instantly. A quick download and transfer is a speedy option during the shoot and will get your project out there straight away.

We can even shoot behind the scenes on video for the same purpose.

  • Production shots
  • BTS
  • Celebrity PR shots
  • BTS film for social media
  • TVC's

Who we've worked with

Why choose us?

Film and stills

Want some moving image too? We will provide you with film and stills at the same shoot. Great for behind the scenes production shots for social media.

Easy to work with

I like my clients to consider me a valuable member of the crew. I strive to help out in any way I can throughout the production and always with a smile!

Years of experience

Over 20 years of photographic experience working with clients in the commercial industry means I can adapt to to any creative challenges the shoot may bring.

I've worked with Pete on many productions, most recently on my shoots as DOP for the celebrity M&S taste testing series. Pete has the ability to get all the shots he needs while keeping out of the way of the production. He often manages to shoot those split second moments during filming that capture the essence of the shoot and look great alongside the final edit. On top of that he always mucks in to help the production. Highly recommended, you will be pleased you have him as part of the crew.

Mark Moreve

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