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Lifestyle photography in France

When the Holidaybreak group wanted to relaunch the Eurocamp brand recently Peter and his team were asked to help out. Working closely with TBWA Manchester a shoot was planned and in various locations in France to show off the Eurocamp product offering. A big focus was made on breaking away from the established look and feel and instead shooting in a looser, spontaneous style. All unusual angles were explored including underwater, in a freezer (for the ice cream shot!) in a river, upside down on a water slide, on a bike, on horseback. It made for some fun shots of the photographer.

The team at holidaybreak along with a great crew, models and art direction all helped to make the shoot a great success. Its amazing how many set ups and activities can be achieved with a great team in place.

Thanks to: Donna, Mark, Jayne, Chris, Caroline. TBWA Manchester (Danny, Yoshio, John) Pete’s team John and Graham. Leanne and family, Chris and family, Richard, Maggie, Kate, Aaron.

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