Seniors Lifestyle for the over 50’s

We love to work with the older generations! We have fun and the fact that the models are older shouldn’t lead the photographer to changing the way they shoot. The trick is to shoot interesting pictures with the same great angles, lighting and spontaneity. The fact that there is a 50 year old in the picture is secondary. Concentrate on the person not the age.

A mistake often made is to patronise older generations by portraying them in images as a separate part of society. In reality very few people feel the age as dictated by their birth certificate and so often don’t connect with advertising aimed at what they feel is an older market. Communicating with this age group means working on great pictures first and populating with the right people second.

It is also important not to try to make the 50 plus market look like they are trying to be young. Styling must be natural and believable whilst being a little aspirational. Clothing clearly meant for a younger age group will look wrong.

One thing I always do with models when starting a shoot is to simply chat to them. For as long as it takes until they are clearly comfortable with me. When it comes to street cast models it’s important to put them at ease straight away and, although not so critical with professional models,  it will make the shoot a better experience for everyone.  The shoot will be relaxed and fun and I want them to know this before we start, ensuring that the shoot produces usable imagery as early in the day as possible. Keep the day easy going and the shots will look more spontaneous and captured.

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