Portrait photography

“A portrait is a painting, photograph or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality and even the mood of the person.”

As London portrait photographers our approach to portraiture is the same as we give to lifestyle. The most important aspect is the ability to put the subject at ease. Not many people like having their photo taken. I’m not over keen either!  We like to try and spend some time with the subject chatting and getting to know one another before we start shooting.

Once the sitter knows the photographer is not so scary we can start slowly working through some shots. It sometimes takes a few set ups and a variation of poses to get to the best images.  As experienced photographers we learn in this short space of time how the sitter will look best (and even their best side) And we know when we get the shot!

Everyone from Princess Diana (when I was a student) to children with heart conditions to celebrity chefs.  I am also commissioned to shoot portraits and professional head shots for various clients in and around London and across the UK. This includes work for editorial, corporate, business, brand and charity clients.

Examples shown on this page are from work commissioned by M&S, Channel 4, British heart foundation and a few examples of personal work which have won awards. They cover some truly inspirational people and everyday people who are doing some amazing things.

What portrait services do you provide?

Throughout London and the rest of the UK we provide:

  • Business portraiture
  • Editorial portraiture
  • Group portraiture
  • LinkedIn head shots
  • Couples portraiture
  • Family portraiture

Where will the session take place?

We can provide a central London location for the session or travel to the location of your choosing. We are comfortable in any setting; outdoors, in-studio or at a chosen venue to suit any look and feel, whether it’s a gritty urban portrait or formal & corporate head shot.

We aim to give you a competitive cost for our expertise but it is entirely dependent on your project. We will take into account things like location and the time you will need us. We have a range of photographers with different styles available for all budgets.

We usually charge by the day for most projects but part-day options are available. A standard rate card is also available to help give you an idea.

To get a quick price, send us a message or give us a call and we can discuss your needs and provide you with a break down of the costs involved as well as planning in a date. 

  • Corporate headshots
  • All best photos digitally retouched
  • Quick turnaround in 48 hours or less
  • Free consultation
  • Beauty lighting
  • Free cancellation

Who we've worked with

Why choose us?

Fast & efficient

We regularly deliver to tight deadlines and we pride ourselves on an a fast turnaround across all our offerings, whether a half day shoot or a full week project

World-class quality

Years of working for household name brands on marketing and advertorial campaigns ensures that the quality of our work is market leading and second to none

Years of experienced

Over 45 years of combined photographic and video experience working with clients from numerous industries means we can adapt to your creative needs with ease

Pete and the team are outstanding photographers who just get it. ‘Real’ subjects tend to be uncomfortable and self-conscious, but Pete has a way of relaxing people and bringing the best out of them. I am always extremely pleased with the results we get on our business portrait shoots, and working with Pete is always great fun too.

Jo Wilcox
Marble Hill Partnership

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