Interiors & property photography

Here is a small selection of images from our shoots for hotels, resorts and properties. I shoot extensively in this sector blending a lifestyle feel into the product, whether its interiors, architecture, food & beverage venues or health spa’s.

The most important element to me is the feel and mood of the picture. The viewer needs to connect with the image and want to be part of it. If they feel warmth towards the image then the brand will benefit. Lighting is key to this and along with the action of the models, we will spend time making the product look its best possible.

If shooting an empty interior the same lighting principles exist. Attention to detail is key. We make sure everything is perfectly dressed and presented. In some cases we might shoot multiple images and blend them together in post to make the most of the natural light in different areas of the room. Finally the perspective will be corrected to make the room perfectly presented.

We shoot hotels, holiday accommodation and properties for a variety of clients including P&O cruises, Warner leisure hotels, Metropolitan Housing and London and Capital.

All you need to leave us with is the keys (and maybe a pass!) and we will do the rest.

We work on a daily basis for most interior and property shoots. If we can do a recce beforehand then we make notes on the best time for each room depending on where the sun is and how it will impact the image. We will then work out a schedule to get everything shot in the timeframe, ticking off everything as its completed.

We provide all the lighting and reflectors. We can also provide stylist services so each room is made to look like its ready for the viewer to live in.

As all jobs are different we can supply a standard rate card to give you a ballpark cost. 

To get a quick accurate price, send us a message or give us a call and we can discuss your needs and provide you with a break down of the costs involved as well as planning in a date. 


  • Video walkthrough
  • Drone footage
  • 360 tours
  • All best photos digitally enhanced
  • Quick turnaround in 48 hours or less
  • Online gallery
  • Free consultation

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Fast & efficient

Everyone wants the job yesterday, and we know you have deadlines. We can't quite manage yesterday but we will make sure your shoot is delivered on time, usually within a couple of days.

Film & stills shoots

Want some moving image too? We will provide you with film and stills at the same shoot. This saves a fortune on two separate shoots and the quality is second to none.

Years of experience

We have been doing this a while! When you hire us you are hiring years of experience to make your shoot go smoothly and get some fantastic results. 

We feel his photography has a certain magic quality to it - I always really look forward to receiving shots from new shoots and they always exceed our expectations.  I’d absolutely recommend Pete to anyone (as long as they don’t use him too much when we need him!)

Kate Courtney
Warner leisure hotels

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