Shooting for CGI

Shooting the magic was a recent request from Merlin entertainments, the owner of the Shrek experience on London’s South bank. They wanted to capture all the fun and excitement of a visit, while still keeping a feel for the fantasy and mystique of the venue. Lots of colour but actually quite dark !

The most important element was the expressions of the models. This had to be right. We had already decided on the layout of the images, essentially telling the story in one shot. Many of the locations were relatively large so we designed the shots with post production in mind to compress the different elements into one image.  The kids had to look excited at empty areas in some cases. Cue plenty of fun and noise to get them animated. Other indoor lighting examples can be found here

Agency: LMC

Art direction: David Johnson

Digital technician: Shira Klasmer

Post Production: Anna Muchlinska