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We have shot hundreds of hotels, resorts and spas for magazines, brochures and advertising. Its important to stick to brand guidelines in some cases but often I’m tasked with creating a fresh look and feel for a hotel. This gives me a chance to get to know the client or creatives and understand what they are trying to achieve. I will then help out with brainstorming and put together a package with a suggested approach and mood board with samples of images showing what’s possible.

 We have fun on our shoots and we like this to rub off on the models or guests we use in our shots. This helps them to relax and let their guard down so we can get rid of any stiff poses or awkwardness and just get natural captured moments. This gives me a chance 

For me the use of lighting to create the emotional connection is important.

Reflected light rather than direct flash is always preferable though I would use natural or ambient light where possible to create mood and balance with crafted flash or continuous LED’s. 

Lighting set ups should be kept simple so we can keep mobile and move about quickly. This will give more shot scenarios and keep everything fresh. It also allows us to keep out of the way of the guests and avoid any disruption. 

I work on a daily rate which is very competitive and if you have a budget to work to I’ll happily tailor a shoot around it.

I understand that there isn’t always a budget for long shoots so I’m happy to work with you to plan a shot list to give the best results in the time available. If shooting for more than 2 days a 10% discount is applied.

To get a quick price, send us a message or give us a call and we can discuss the details of your shoot to provide you with a break down of the costs involved.

One thing that clients have asked me for over the years is whether it’s possible to combine stills shoots with video footage at the same time. Well the answer is yes,  I offer moving image alongside the stills. There are many benefits to this. It saves commissioning two separate shoots thereby saving money on models, accommodation, separate film crews, travel costs, licensing  etc. It also means there is continuity between the videos on the website and the images seen on advertising or in the brochures. It helps the viewer to believe in the story we are creating.  

We shoot film on a Sony FS7 and a canon C300. We work on polecam rigs with Ronin MX heads as well as the usual tracks and sliders. We shoot underwater and 30 ft in the air. 

We also work with drones and helicopters.

If you would like to see a showreel of our previous hotel shoots drop me a line and I can send you a link. You can also see my lifestyle showreel here including some hotel work.  

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Why choose us?

Film and stills

Want some moving image too? We will provide you with film and stills at the same shoot. Great for saving money on multiple shoots.

Easy to work with

We have fun on our shoots so our clients do too. We like to make our productions an upbeat environment so everyone enjoys themselves.

Years of experience

Over 20 years of photographic experience working with clients in the travel and leisure sector means I can adapt to to any creative challenges the shoot may bring.

Peter brings more to the table than click! His work ethic combined with a passion to get the best out of the situation in front of him always means we get the shot on schedule. I’ve been working with Peter since 2009 on a variety of projects and clients. On our first commission, a Royal Caribbean project, we undertook an extensive location shoot in the Caribbean and the following year in the Med. The location was a ship, full with paying guests and all with a thirst to maximise their time onboard. This meant working on-the-fly to maintain a healthy relationship with guests, the ships crew and the client. Peter’s attitude and commitment for this assignment was spot on. Up at the crack of dawn and still going strong at midnight reviewing the days work! The exercise was to mature the client’s image library for multiple channels including DM campaigns, sales collateral and digital. The biggest challenge was the logistics which he was well versed at. From keeping 6 models active and motivated to adding much value in negotiating transport, props, licensing for shoots ashore and onboard. Regardless of location or studio Peter adds to any shot scenario I throw at him, with a keen creative eye. He jumps in with ideas and with his own 2 feet, having shot all around the world, under seas, from the air, from the very top of a ship to the very bottom in a tiny inflatable raft looking up at 17 floors of moving steel, nothing phases him. I’m sure he will show you the results, shots we still use time and time again.

Nick Carter

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